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Almonds and apple galette

Almonds and cocoa cake

Almonds biscuits

Almonds butter

Apple and buckwheat cake

Apple and orange cake

Apple and yogurt cake

Apple crumble cake

Apple dumplings with ricotta

Artichokes soup

Asparagus and quail eggs muffins

Avocado dip



Banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips muffins

Black lentils and black cabbage soup

Blueberries mini-cakes, glazed

Bok choy and fresh shiitake

Bok choy with tofu skin


Brownies, with chocolate and ginger

Butter brioche, with sourdough

Butter twists


Cannellini beans and pumpkin seeds hummus

Carrot cake, with blended carrots

Carrot cake, with coconut

Carrots salad, with cinnamon and yogurt

Cauliflower and coconut soup

Celeriac, apples and walnuts soup

Celeriac and pear soup, with Gorgonzola

Cheese cream and coconut truffles

Cherries and almonds cake

Cherries, banana and coconut water smoothie

Chestnut mini-capresi

Chestnuts panna cotta

Chinese tea eggs

Chocolate and chestnut spread cake

Chocolate and yogurt cake

Chocolate dumplings

Chrysanthemum tea

Cocoa and cardamom spirit

Cocoa and nuts shortbreads

Cocoa, honey and ginger drink

Cocoa muffins with Macadamia nuts

Cocoa pudding

Cocoa, spices and wholewheat flour bread loaf

Coconut biscuits (no butter)

Coconut biscuits, filled

Coconut pudding

Coffee and cardamom cookies

Coffee minimuffins with chocolate chips

Cookie cake

Cookies with oil, with hazelnuts and chocolate

Cornflour biscuits (Pan de mej)

 Cranberries and orange cookies

Crumb cake with pears and almonds

Custard, by G. Pina





Egg whites brioche

Enoki mushrooms in garlic sauce



Fennels soup

Figs, cocoa and cinnamon cake

Fudge with white chocolate and red berries


Gong bao chicken with peanuts

Greek yogurt  semi-frozen


Hazelnut and ginger stars

Hazelnuts and ricotta cake

Hazelnut cookies

Heart biscuits


Iced chocolate


Jam tart

Jam variegated cake


Layered apple cake with amaretti

Layered piadine (flat bread)

Leeks and hazelnuts muffins

Lemon and greek yogurt mini cakes

Lemon cookies

Lemon curd

Lemon curd cake with pistachios

Lemon meltways

Lettuce and peas minestrone soup

Lime cookies



Mango and coconut milk soup

Maple syrup cake, no eggs and no butter

Maple syrup cake with Macadamia nuts

Matcha tea biscuits

Matcha tea panna cotta

Milk cream and chocolate chips muffins

Milk cream shortbread

Mimosa truffles, with white chocolate and lemon



Nian gao

No-knead pizza, in baking tray


Orange mug cake



Panna cotta with pomegranate jelly

Panna cotta with peachesm lime and ginger gelèe

Parmesan and almonds shortbreads

Parmesan panna cotta with walnuts and honey

Pasta with asparagus pesto

Peaches and yogurt cake

Peanut butter

Pecan logs

Pecan nuts hearts

Pumpkin and raisin cake

Pumpkin bread loaf

Pumpkin, mushrooms and chestnut soup

Pumpkin soup, with ginger and coconut milk

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pudding, with maple syrup and walnuts

Pumpkin soup with beer

Pumpkin soup with marinated tofu

Pumpkin spice milk



Quick flat-breads with Philadelphia


Raisin biscuits

Raw marinated pumpkin

Ricotta heart cake

Ring-shaped cake with orange and red beer

Ring-shaped cake with ricotta and white eggs

Roasted radishes and purple carrots

Roasted pumpkin with honey and thyme


Savoury ring-shaped cake

Savoury roses’ cake

Shortcrust little-baskets with curd and fresh fruit

Shortcrust pastry biscuits, with apricot jam

Sichuanese wontons in chilli oil sauce

Snow peas with goji berries and lily bulb

Soft cake with peaches and apricots

Soft cocoa cookies, without eggs and butter

Soft little loaves, with walnuts

Soft tart with hazelnut cream

Spring onion and feta mini muffins

Sprouts with hazelnuts and maple syrup

Stale bread and honey cake

Starbucks muffins

Stir-fried lotus root

Strawberries and chocolate cake

Strawberries baked donuts

Strawberries cheesecake

Strawberries, chocolate and yogurt cake

Strawberries cream tart

Strawberries and orange smoothie

Sweet and sour fennels

Sweet sesame crisps


Tahini cookies

Tartlets with mascarpone cheese and hazelnuts cream

Tea and star-anise ring-shaped cake

Tea cake

Turmeric and black sesame crackers







Walnuts and chocolate biscuits, with maple syrup

White chocolate custard with blueberries

White eggs cake with cherry jam

Wholewheat cake with almonds


Yoghurt and raisin muffins

Yogurt plumcake