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Coconut biscuits

Crunchy and irresistibly scented with coconut, cinnamon and rum: the coconut biscuits are sweets that I prepare very often. Perfect to dunk in milk for breakfast, in a cup of coffee or in a glass of liqueur wine after dinner, like the cantucci.


Wholewheat cake with almonds

I cooked a lot in the last period: soon I will return to Italy for the holidays and as long as I’ll be there I’ll have a few tools, no gimcrackery for photos and no reflex. So I put aside some delicacies for you, for the Christma period! But between kilos of cookies and creams...


Apple and walnuts cookies

I started with the idea of making an apple pie, but then I saw these cookies from Mary and I changed the program definitely. Much better than they may seem, at a first distracted look. They are spectacular, as someone told me after tasting them! And it’s true …


Egg whites cake, with cherry jam

Want something soft, simple, giving that pleasant feeling of home? Then this egg whites cake stuffed with jam is for you. Born from my usual inability to get rid of stray egg whites and the desire for a sweet not too demanding. I also had the half-empty pantry, so few ingredients, the ones we always...