Teas, infusions, tisanes… I drink a lot of these and I like to try new ones. What is more comfortable than a hot mug in the hands during a cold day? And this chrysanthemum tea, since I discovered it, is my evening drink.

The chrysanthemum tea is an infusion of flowers, belonging to the Chrysanthemum morifolium or Chrysanthemum indicum flowers, very common in Asia.

I like very much its herbal scent and its taste lightly bitter, and I drink it plain. But if you like it you can add honey or sugar. It’s a pleasure hot, but also cold, with a little of ice, to enjoy it during the summer.

Accordingly to the traditionl chinese medicine is very healthy. It has calming properties and is good in case of anxiety. It’s a slight analgesic, useful mostly for the headache. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also purifying, and is a valid help to low the blood pressure and cholesterol. I think that it’s perfect to help the digestion after a big meal…

In the traditional medicine inflammations are connected with being “too hot”, where the body loose its balance. The chrysanthemum tea can re-balance the body and, see that Chinese people care very much to keep this balance, it wont’ hard to see them drink this infusion, that they bring with them in the thermos. But be careful to not drink to much of it, or your “Qi” will be too cold, like every grandmother teach.

Over the two most common that I said earlier, there are a lot of variety, some with very small flower head: try them to choose which one you prefer.

I think that you can find it easily in the herbalist’s shops, but if you can’t this is my favourite. But be carefull! Don’t do it at home with the flower of your garden: non every variety is edible and instead of a lower pressure you’ll have a poisoning and a confused “Qi”.


Chrysanthemum tea


Put in a teapot the chrysanthemum flowers. Pour the water over them and let rest for 5-8 minutes. Filter and serve.

You can re-use the flowers many times, they’ll keep a persistant flavor. Filter very well the tea: the flowers tend to loose the petals.



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