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Peanut butter!

There are foods you know you can love even if you’ve never tasted them. On which when you finally manage to get your hands (and your teeth) you have only a delicious confirmation of the affinity that you already suspected and add an indelible memory to your sensory memory. So it went between me and...


Cherries, banana and coconut water smoothie

I love smoothies. When fresh fruit begin to be abundant (read strawberries and cherries 😉 )  they appear in my breakfasts, breaks o for a very light and quick lunch… I improvize this for a mid-morning break. Cherries, a ripe and sweet banana and – I hadn’t milk at home – coconut water. I didn’t...


Tea and star-anise ring-shaped cake

What have you to do to have a very soft cloud and so scented? You take the water cake recipe and put inside flavoured tea! 🙂   The result is a delicate and peculiar cake, to melt in the mouth at breakfast, tea break or during a sadness attack… or happines! It’s very easy and...