Here we are.

As usual, you’ll say. Not exactly, I answer you…
In fact this is the first recipe I prepare from month, the last ones were simply from some files kept apart for poor period… they were my provision 😉
These were month of radical changes, hard, unespected and fascinating…
And the blog was here waiting 🙂 In all this hustle my reflex and the tripod went lost, within my cups, dishes, tablecloth and other stupid thing..
But I have the cheecky lucky to have wonderful people that cares about me and one of those give me a little camera. With the precise recommendation to re-start my blog – and the sweets production the same 🙂
Could you find a stronger motivation?
So: here we are.
Maybe a little less often, seen the new rythms, but with the same hands that itch for play and knead.

So also without reflex, laces and fairy powder we restart – if we can say in that way – with a fresh dessert and easy: a coconut pudding.
You can do it with your eyes closed and if you divide it into little glasses you dont’ have neither to take it out of the mould. And to serve? Strawberries, raspberries, mint and chocolate sauce… tried with each variant and with all promoted!

Coconut pudding
Ingredients for about 6 serves:

400 ml condensed milk, sweetened
200 ml fresh milk cream
200 ml coconut milk
10 g gelatine in sheets
3 Tablespoon coconut flour

Put gelatine in cold water for about 15 minutes.
Mix in a bowl the condensed milk, the coconut milk, 150 ml of milk cream and the coconut flour.
In a little pot warm up the remaining milk cream, then melt in it the squeezed gelatine. Now pour the milk cream and gelatine mix into the bowl and stir well. Now divide the mixture into the glasses choose or into a big mould for pudding. Let rest in the fridge for 4-6 hours. Serve with raspberries, strawberries, mint or chocolate.


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