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Cranberries and orange cookies, with oil

These cookies with cranberries are just the latest in a long series. Oh yes, I’m back to the biscuit period: every time I think about what I could bake, they come to my mind, new recipes invented at the moment, or old warhorses. The fact is that I’m always kneading them. Fortunately, here too, on...


Nian Gao, the Chinese New Year cake

Today I present you and explain how to prepare at home the nian gao, or the rice flour cake, typical of the Lunar New Year festivities. “Gao”, which means “cake”, also has the same pronunciation as the word meaning “high”. So eating it and giving it away as a gift is considered a good wish...


Egg whites brioche, very soft!

I do not prepare many leavened products, apart from the usual bread. I must be in the right mood, I must feel it. Like when I decided to make this soft brioche. I looked at those two advanced egg whites and I thought about cakes and biscuits … then, out of nowhere, the desire for...


Greek yogurt semifreddo

It seems that at last the summer has arrived! It’s ice cream, no bake cheesecakes, semifreddi times… We dont’ like so much the idea to turn on the oven! Wandering on Instagram I’ve been strike by this fresh dessert,  by Lucake ( here the recipe). In addiction of being easy, it’s quick and catchy. It’s...


Strawberries and chocolate cake

Strawberries. It’s impossible to resist to the temptation of throw an handful of it in some batter! So I improvised this little cake with what I had in  my pantry… Strawberries, yogurt and chocolate. If you want a new version of this cake, where you can bite the chocolate togheter with the strawberries! Soft and...

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