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Gong Bao chicken with peanuts

It was time to try another delicious Chinese recipe. And the choice fell on this quick, easy and surprisingly delicious chicken dish, the Gong Bao chicken (gong bao ji ding). The dish is named after a Sichuan governor in the late Qing Dynasty, Ding Baozhen, whom he says he enjoyed it very much. In English...


Chinese tea eggs

With the Chinese tea eggs recipe we get in the heart of the Chinese culinary tradition. It is a simple but unmissable and characteristic preparation. In the shops and sellers of baoz and dumplings, near to the big bamboo steamers, you will always find a large basket full of tea eggs. And it is not...


Chrysanthemum tea : an infusion from China

Teas, infusions, tisanes… I drink a lot of these and I like to try new ones. What is more comfortable than a hot mug in the hands during a cold day? And this chrysanthemum tea, since I discovered it, is my evening drink. The chrysanthemum tea is an infusion of flowers, belonging to the Chrysanthemum...


Sichaunese wontons in chilli oil sauce

The wontons. One of the first dishes that I tried when I came to China, thanks to which I had a positive feeling with this cuisine, today are here on this blog, in the Chengdu version. Dumplings filled with pork meat, seasoned with a sauce that is a joy of spices and aromas, that will...

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