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Sweet aromatic soy sauce

Let’s start the Chinese recipes section with a simple but necessary seasoning: the soy sauce, omnipresent in numerous variants in every pantry here in China. This version I present you today is flavoured with spices, of which this cuisine make a large use, and sweetened with brown sugar. The result is a really scented seasoning,...


Quick little flat-breads with Philadelphia

There are two kind of shrewd recipes: the ones that are awful and the one that overcome every expetation. These quick little flat-bread with Philadelphia belong to the second one, actually when I tasted them I tought that I’ve mede some magic! I tried these flat-breads almost by chance because I hadn’t the time to...


Soft cocoa cookies, no eggs and no butter

A successful hybrid between brownie and cookies, that’s what this cookies are! A soft and melting heart, and a light crunchy crust, and all incredibly chocolate… This experiment of a lighter sweet, without butter but expecially without eggs (you know, sometimes I remains without them…) pass the test! The recipe is super-easy: you have just...


Cherries, banana and coconut water smoothie

I love smoothies. When fresh fruit begin to be abundant (read strawberries and cherries 😉 )  they appear in my breakfasts, breaks o for a very light and quick lunch… I improvize this for a mid-morning break. Cherries, a ripe and sweet banana and – I hadn’t milk at home – coconut water. I didn’t...