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Iced chocolate

Another non-recipe, as is perfectly suited to summer. A cold chocolate to drink, delicious, refreshing, with an intense taste of chocolate and absolutely very dangerous! I make half a dose at a time because knowing that it’s in the fridge I lose any rational capacity. You just want a little more …


Pumpkin spice milk

There are foods that can make me lose control and one of these is the pumpkin. When it’s the season I eat it every day, in every conceivable way. And I drink it too. In this thick, sweet, satisfying spicy milk.


Chrysanthemum tea : an infusion from China

Teas, infusions, tisanes… I drink a lot of these and I like to try new ones. What is more comfortable than a hot mug in the hands during a cold day? And this chrysanthemum tea, since I discovered it, is my evening drink. The chrysanthemum tea is an infusion of flowers, belonging to the Chrysanthemum...


Cherries, banana and coconut water smoothie

I love smoothies. When fresh fruit begin to be abundant (read strawberries and cherries 😉 )  they appear in my breakfasts, breaks o for a very light and quick lunch… I improvize this for a mid-morning break. Cherries, a ripe and sweet banana and – I hadn’t milk at home – coconut water. I didn’t...