I love smoothies.
When fresh fruit begin to be abundant (read strawberries and cherries 😉 )  they appear in my breakfasts, breaks o for a very light and quick lunch…

I improvize this for a mid-morning break. Cherries, a ripe and sweet banana and – I hadn’t milk at home – coconut water.
I didn’t add any sweetener, for me that way was perfect, but regulate yourselves on yours taste.

Cherries, banana and coconut water smoothie
Ingredients for one serve:

180 g cherries
half big banana or one small banana
180 ml coconut water, very cold
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
sugar or honey if you like it

Wash and pit the cherries. Put them in the blender glass and add the sliced banana, the coconut water, the lemon juice and the sugar or honey if you use them. Blend for a couple of minutes and serve right away.
If you want you can add a couple of ice cubes.



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