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Strawberries baked donuts

I could not wait. I couldn’t wait to have them on my hands again! Yes, I’m talking about strawberries. Because despite all the magnificent exotic fruit I have every day here in Shanghai, I anyway expected them so much!. And after eating a kilo of  them “nature”, my satisfied neurons started thinking about what else...


Orange mug cake

I’m back to Shanghai, to my kitchen, to my gimcrackery. And after a month of absence I let you imagine the chaos and things to do to resume the rhythm, to give back a kind of cadence to everyday life. Time to play in the kitchen is reduced to the bone. But not for this...


Yoghurt and raisin muffins

Take a break here with me, and let’s enjoy a good yoghurt and raisin muffin! Because it’s funny to discover all new ingredients and tastes that this new Country that hosts me has to give – sometimes I’m overstimulated, ahaha – but sometimes you need something known. Familiar, simple. Like a slow breakfast together.