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Carrot cake… with blended carrots!

It’ s been a while that I did not prepare a cake fom my breakfast, like the ones I love: quick, soft and moist 🙂 In the last period I just drew from archive! Then I saw this, a beautiful carrot cake, by the  good Enrica, and in a week I made it two times:...


Tea and star-anise ring-shaped cake

What have you to do to have a very soft cloud and so scented? You take the water cake recipe and put inside flavoured tea! 🙂   The result is a delicate and peculiar cake, to melt in the mouth at breakfast, tea break or during a sadness attack… or happines! It’s very easy and...


Yogurt and apples cake

Let’s start this month of delium culinary with a simple apple cake. Soft, moist, scented. Where the longest and most boring parte in its realization is to pell off and cut the apples 🙂