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Crumb cake with pears and almonds

What about a slice of crumb cake with pears and almonds? A fragrant shell, a moist and scented filling and time by time a crunchy almond under the theeth. Every time I re-discover how much I love these cakes! And the version with fruits are my favourites…


Coconut biscuits, filled

Today I have some irresistible coconut biscuits, filled with a cheese cream with white chocolate! Because even if here in China my sweet consumption dramatically collapsed, sometime I need a great hit of life.


Yoghurt and raisin muffins

Take a break here with me, and let’s enjoy a good yoghurt and raisin muffin! Because it’s funny to discover all new ingredients and tastes that this new Country that hosts me has to give – sometimes I’m overstimulated, ahaha – but sometimes you need something known. Familiar, simple. Like a slow breakfast together.


Cream cheese and coconut truffles

If you have in the fridge some cream cheese and coconut truffles, don’t believe you can pass in front of it without open it. Basically a cheesecake bite-size. Creamy, exotic, sweet and inside the crunchy almond. Everything ready in 5 minutes with only a bowl. That’s why I love truffles! Easy, quick and irresistible.


Figs, cocoa and cinnamon cake

This morning, at breakfast, with my hot tea I had also a scented slice of this figs cake, enriched with cocoa and cinnamon. Yes, also here in Shanghai the fig’s season has begun! At first shyly, then they began to invade the markets, black and sweet. And I take advantage of it immediately! It’s not...