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Coconut biscuits

Crunchy and irresistibly scented with coconut, cinnamon and rum: the coconut biscuits are sweets that I prepare very often. Perfect to dunk in milk for breakfast, in a cup of coffee or in a glass of liqueur wine after dinner, like the cantucci.


Hazelnut cookies

Since I moved to another continent, doing long-term projects is completely useless and rather difficult. And for “long term” I mean even simply a month. Too many uncontrollable variables. But if it can seem stressful to see the things that we thought to do often fade before your eyes, on the other hand at some...


Shortcrust pastry biscuits, with apricot jam

Still December it’s not here that I have already begin to churn out kilos of biscuits. First of all I show you theese that in Italy are called “ox eyes”, a trick that I prepare very often and that I also like really much. When I see theese biscuits it seems always holydays.


Apple and walnuts cookies

I started with the idea of making an apple pie, but then I saw these cookies from Mary and I changed the program definitely. Much better than they may seem, at a first distracted look. They are spectacular, as someone told me after tasting them! And it’s true …